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Reiki Session

Remove blockages and negative energy. Offered at Amy's home in Katonah, NY.

"After a severe auto accident and months of chiropractor visits, I was left with chronic pain. Being a devout sceptic, I wasn't open to alternative healing. After just one visit, my mind was changed. Pain levels were cut in half and I was able to stand straight for the first time since the accident. Thanks to Amy, today I'm completely healed!" 

- Will

Remote Reiki Session

Receive Healing Energy over online-video.  A web-link will be provided when you schedule.

"Before my reiki session, I was always thinking about everything and I constantly felt I had a knot in myself that would not go away. During my phone session with Amy, she knew right away that I was thinking too much. She helped me relax. As my session went on, I suddenly felt a release, the knot was untied and my my mind was much more at ease."

- Jessica

Guided Meditation Session

Help teach you how to completely give in and appreciate the experience. Simply fill out the form below to schedule your appointment

"Amy's Guided Meditations are nothing short of marvelous!  After a wonderful Guided Meditation session led by Amy Kaufman, my chakras are happily aligned, body and mind are gently relaxed and sleep is moments away.  I definitely recommend her sessions for beginners and experienced meditators alike.  Ohm me baby!"

- Sherrill

Remote Guided Meditation

Amy can provide guided meditation to you online having the same results as in-person. Simply fill out the form below to schedule your appointment

"Amy’s warm heart and spirit will completely put you at ease. Her healing and positive energy will relax and smooth you. I’m so blessed she helped me and my daughter. She is a wonderful kind soul."

- Virginia

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