Treat yourself or a loved one to a private session by booking with Amy below.

Reiki Session

Offered at Amy's home in Katonah, NY. Prepare to be taken care of.


"After a severe auto accident and months of chiropractor visits, I was left with chronic pain. Being a devout sceptic, I wasn't open to alternative healing. After just one visit, my mind was changed. Pain levels were cut in half and I was able to stand straight for the first time since the accident. Thanks to Amy, today I'm completely healed!" 

- Will

Remote Reiki Session

Receive Healing Energy over online-video.  A web-link will be provided when you schedule.


"Before my reiki session, I was always thinking about everything and I constantly felt I had a knot in myself that would not go away. During my phone session with Amy, she knew right away that I was thinking too much. She helped me relax. As my session went on, I suddenly felt a release, the knot was untied and my my mind was much more at ease."

- Jessica

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